Mobile Mobile Home Gas Safety

If like me you own a mobile home then, you want to be sure that you and your family will be safe when you use your home in the summertime.By following a few simple steps you can be sure that you will all be safe.First, let’s look at the mobile home gas safety sideCarbon Monoxide DetectorThis is one of the most important items you should have fitted in your mobile, it could save your life, I know that might sound a little drastic, but it’s true.As we all know carbon monoxide is a silent killer, you cannot see it, you cannot even smell it, but undetected it will kill you.One of your appliances maybe leaking carbon monoxide into the room without you knowing, a detector will sense it, and warn you straight away.Carbon monoxide detectors are not very expensive, you can buy them in most of the major hardware stores. They are very easy to fit, just follow the fitting instructions that come with the detector.Smoke AlarmAll homes including mobiles should have a smoke detector installed, just like the carbon monoxide detectors they do and will save lives.

When you go down to the hardware store to buy the carbon monoxide detector, ask the sales assistant for a combined carbon monoxide and smoke detector.It will be cheaper to buy a combined detector than buying one of each.I would advise not to buy the cheapest ones, as some of them are imports from China and not up to European specifications for safety. Ask the sales assistant which model he would recommend.Always check that your detectors are working on every visit to your mobile home, they have a test button that use push, you should hear a loud noise, then you know it’s working.VentilationYour mobile home may have ventilation grills fitted in the walls, maybe even on the floor, They have been fitted for a reason, blocking them could be fatal.You may have a gas fire fitted in your mobile home that needs ventilation to burn correctly.When a gas appliance is working it needs oxygen to burn, lack of oxygen will make the flame lift off the burner and it will spill carbon monoxide into the room.Ventilation is not just for gas appliances, it also includes wood burners basically anything that produces a flame. So make sure any vents are not blocked off.Gas AppliancesJust before the new season starts, have all your gas appliances checked over.Call your local gas safe LPG company and asked for a mobile home gas safety check.Once the inspection has been carried out, the engineer will issue a certificate with details of any faults found and his recommendations.Depending on where your mobile is sited, you may find that the site management requires you show them a copy of the mobile home gas safety certificate.Gas CylindersTwo gas cylinders normally connect to a change over valve, this valve senses when one of the bottles is empty and changes over to the full bottle of gas automatically.There is still some manual change over valves out there, where you have to do this by hand, but most now are automatic.When changing the empty gas cylinder over, make sure you turn the cylinder valve completely off before disconnection.Make sure you have the correct spanner for the job, it will make it a lot easier to change the cylinder.

All gas cylinders need to be upright and secured so they cannot fall over.Never store any gas cylinders or any type of fuel in your mobile home, always store them outside safely.CookingWhen cooking in your mobile always open a window close bye, this will help remove the products of combustion from the cooker or hob.Always keep young children away from the cooking area and never leave any cooking pots unattended.General Mobile Home Gas SafetySo long as you follow the gas safety rules you and your family will be safe.Never cut corners when it come to safety, if you think something is not right then switch off the gas on the gas cylinders and call in a Gas Safe expert straight away.If you every need to change any parts on your gas appliances, arrange for the expert to do this for you.If you want to supply the part that needs to be replaced only buy original and never buy the cheap inferior part.Mobile home gas safety is easy if you follow the rules.Always be safe and have fun in your mobile home.